Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Radiation

As my readers know, I have addressed this issue on the June 30, 2006 Posting. This situation, however, takes the Awareness to an entirely new level. Famed investigative journalist Sharon Weinberger has blown the topic wide open. She has had an article titled "Mind Control" featured on the Cover of the Washington Post Magazine! Here is a link to her Web Site with the article and her response to the hundreds of comments requesting a follow up article by this great writer: SharonWeinberger.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dr. Nick Begich Has Electrosmog Detectors!

Many readers have asked me for a way to view electromagnetic radiation because it is invisible. I have sent emails on some good meters that are available for detection purposes. However, this product lets you HEAR the electromagnetic radiation. I think that is pretty cool. My readers know from my previous postings about Dr. Nick Begich, renowned co-author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP. I have an active hyperlink to his Web Site URL: and another here for the Electrosmog Detector.

I encourage you educators out there to use this in your school. The effect of EM radiation on the children may account for the unusual behaviour that is manifesting worldwide. Even in the small town where I live the school has allowed a cell phone tower to be put up at the football field! It is within a few hundred feet of the elementary and middle shools. What is amazing is that the cell phone company put a bank of lights on it that match the
existing lights around the field. Like someone is going to miss the cell phone tower! Equally disturbing is that there are hundreds of homes around the football field and the residents had no choice in the matter. The status quo continues...

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Resolution

Sunday, September 24, 2006

There's No Place Like Home (Unless It Is Next To A Cell Phone Tower!)

The cell phone tower controversy just hit my hometown! I get a call from my co-inventor this morning and he tells me to check out today's local newspaper. Lo and behold we have a situation in our neighborhood and that can't be good. This content is identical to many of my previous Postings, but since it is in the community where we live it seems to have more impact. It really accelerates the expansion of one's consciousness when we realize how it truly feels for the millions of families that now live close to these "Towers Of Babylon" as one scientist so eloquently called them. Here is the link to my hometown newspaper with the amazing Synchronicity of this headline: Planned Cell Phone Tower Draws Protests. Be sure to check out the picture of the lady with the lamb in her front yard. Kind of symbolic isn't it?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Truth Is Out There (But Doubt Is Their Product)

There are many Blogs about this issue surfacing on the Internet. Undoubtably my personal favorite is Electromagnetic Frequencies with the URL which has hundreds of links concerning every imaginable aspect of this issue. Here is a link to a September 3, 2006 Posting titled Why It Is Hard To Find Out The Truth About Hazards Like EMR. I must quote from an article in Scientific America by David Michaels as per the Posting. Be warned, this is frightening:

Industry Groups Are Fighting Government Regulation By Formenting Scientific Uncertainty

“Few scientific challenges are more complex than understanding the health risks of a chemical or drug. Investigators cannot feed toxic compounds to people to see what doses cause cancer. Instead laboratory researchers rely on animal tests, and epidemiologists examine the human exposures that have already happened in the field. Both types of studies have many uncertainties, and scientists must extrapolate from the evidence to make causal inferences and recommend protective measures. Because absolute certainty is rarely an option, regulatory programs would not be effective if such proof were required. Government officials have to use the best available evidence to set limits for harmful chemicals and determine the safety of pharmaceuticals.”

“Uncertainty is an inherent problem of science, but manufactured uncertainty is another matter entirely. Over the past three decades, industry groups have frequently become involved in the investigative process when their interests are threatened. If, for example, studies show that a company is exposing its workers to dangerous levels of a certain chemical, the business typically responds by hiring its’. own researchers to cast doubt on the studies. Or if a pharmaceutical firm faces questions about the safety of one of its drugs, its executives trumpet company sponsored trials that show no significant health risks while ignoring or hiding other studies that are much less reassuring. The vilification of threatening research as “junk science” and the corresponding sanctification of industry-commissioned research as “sound science” has become nothing less than standard operating procedure in some parts of corporate America.”

“In 1969 an executive at Brown & Williamson, a cigarette maker now owned by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, unwisely committed to paper the perfect slogan for his industry’s disinformation campaign: “Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the mind of the general public.” In recent years, many other industries have eagerly adopted this strategy. Corporations have mounted campaigns to question studies documenting the adverse health effects of exposure to beryllium, lead, mercury, vinyl chloride, chromium, benzene, benzidine, nickel, and a long list of other toxic chemicals and medications. What is more, Congress and the administration of President George W. Bush have encouraged such tactics by making it easier for private groups to challenge government-funded research. Although in some cases, companies may be raising legitimate arguments, the overall result is disturbing: many corporations have successfully avoided expense and inconvenience by blocking and stalling much needed protections for public health.”

Ah, the power of lobbying for your cause. Gee, I really feel safe now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who Needs A Microwave Oven? Very Funny.

When I closed out my last Posting with "period", I truly thought that it was closure on the subject. Wrong. Very, very wrong.

It is the continual appearance of articles like this one by Sue Mueller on June 28, 2006 that necessitate further commentary: Need A Cooker? Use Your Cell Phone. Here is the link to the original article from the Moscow, Russia tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda.
A picture is worth a thousand words...and even more when it is a hoax!

This kind of urban myth is a huge insult to the work of Dr. Neil Cherry, Dr. Roger Santini and Dr. David Aldridge. Their breakthrough work is extensively referenced on this Blog. These men dedicated countless hours of their lives to hard science research on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. It is not a joking matter.

Nevertheless, here is the real story. It all started with this story originally written in 2000 by Charles Ivermee in his spoof online publication WymseyChronicle of England. The story has been around the world and now it is all over the USA thanks to the jokesters on the Web. You can even see the YouTube video of the hoax with the html to link to your Blog or Web Site by visiting that also has had 10,000s of hits! The hoax was exposed in this interview with Mr. Ivermee by David Goldenberg of the online Gelf Magazine.

Poking fun at matters of serious consequence reminds me of all of the tobacco company executives swearing before Congress that nicotine was not addictive and smoking tobacco was harmless. Decades of denial were soon wiped away with multi-billion dollar judgements. Even with warning labels millions are dead and dying. I don't think that those companies laughing all the way to the bank is funny either.

Also, as a follow up on the work of Nikola Tesla as it relates to HAARP, the "phase" of electromagnetic radiation demanded detailed study. Here are the equations (be warned: advanced vector calculus skills required) and an interesting animation of the phenomena in this excellent paper by Jim Hawkins:
Electromagnetic Fields Explained. This is the root of this dilema: the invisible by definition cannot be seen. That does not mean that it should be ignored. And potential dangers should surely not be debunked with ridicule.

Friday, June 30, 2006

ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

The subtitle to this excellent book is Advances In Tesla Technology referring to the late great electrical genius Nikola Tesla. Tesla is famous for inventing systems of Alternating Current (AC) as a power source and transmission means in 1886 through 1888. He also won US Patent #787,412 in 1905 for a device to "Transmit Electrical Energy Through The Natural Mediums". Sadly, Tesla died penniless at the age of 86 on January 7, 1943. (To learn more about this fascinating man click on this link to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia article about him: Nikola Tesla.)

Nonetheless, his work became the foundation for the US Government's approach to environmental "warfare" and manipulation with the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program now known worldwide by the acronym HAARP. Here is a quote from the back cover of the book: "Their first target is the electrojet--a river of electricity that flows thousands of miles through the sky and down into the polar icecap. The electrojet will become a vibrating artificial antenna for sending electromagnetic radiation raining down on the earth." To purchase this amazing book, here is a link to its page on the web site.

So what does this have to do with our Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Apparatus? Again, I must reference the secret report about electromagnetic radiation from my Blog Posting of April 26, 2006 titled SECRET REPORT ON CELL PHONE DANGERS LEAKED TO WEB SITE. Another web site has the same report, but with hyperlinks added. This information is getting a lot of buzz on the Internet. Here is the direct quote from the report in the section titled THE ABSOLUTE PARADOX in B. Tower's CONFIDENTIAL REPORT ON TETRA...

"Since the early 1960s this country, America and Russia have had what is called the non-lethal weapons programme or synthetic telepathy programme. It is very well documented now that in the early 1960s in Moscow the Russians beamed continuous low level radiation (microwaves) down onto the American Embassy causing miscarriages, leukaemia's and other illnesses to the Embassy staff. Since then the non-lethal weapons programme has become very sophisticated indeed. It is used a) as a long-term low level radiation weapon to cause populations illness and b) at higher intensities to cause blindness, heart attacks or confusion. Details of all of the intensities are unknown to me but knowing that microwave radiation is accumulative, any effect can only be a matter of time. In quoting this research I refer to documents listed under Reference 15. So sophisticated is this research, and I refer to Operation Pandora Joint CIA/MI6 Operation since the 1960s, Operation Woodpecker USSR 1976, Operation HAARP still running in USA; they are able to define specific pulse frequencies to cause specific brain malfunctions or illnesses. For instance:

Frequency...... Illness Caused
4.5............... Paranoia

6.6............... Depression/Suicide
11................ Manic behaviour/Anger
25................ Blindness if aimed at the head
25................ Heart attack if aimed at the chest

Other consequences of frequencies used but not listed here are hysteria, trauma, lust, murder and cancer, and may all be induced.

The TETRA frequency is 17.6 Hz (waves per second) so as a scientist looking at this data which is well publicised I ask myself, if the illnesses moving up the frequency range are progressive and TETRA is between the frequency of 11 and 25 on this table, what will be the effect of TETRA's 17.6 waves per second on the brains of the police force? This phenomena cannot be denied by the NRPB; it is listed in their own document which I will refer to later in this paper, where on page 26 they have described how at 8 waves per second animals can be made to fall asleep and at different frequencies behave differently in various parts of their brains.
As this phenomena is written about by the NRPB for 8 waves per second I would like to know what other research they have for other frequencies in and around the TETRA range.

HAARP, which is being researched by a nun, Dr Rosalie Bertell, who is concerned about what it represents along with other scientists knows that HAARP is capable of bouncing low level continuous microwave radiation pulsed off the ionosphere to any community in the world and may cause cataracts, leukaemia, changes in blood brain chemistry, changes in blood sugar levels, blood pressure and heart rates.
The paradox of course is how can one system of pulsed microwaved radiation be used as a weapon to cause illness or death and at the same frequency and unless close range, a similar low intensity be used as a safe communications instrument. Following this research I fail to see how TETRA can possibly be safe for the officers which use it."

How can this paradoxical paradigm possibly be reality? Total disregard for the health of human beings...hmm. And our author, Tower, cites the research of Dr. Neil Cherry who is well known to my readers. To read the entire report with hyperlinks activated click HERE. Is it any wonder that doctors are prescribing billions of dollars in mind altering drugs like Prozac and Zoloft, beer is sold by the millions of barrells and any manner of drugs are consumed as the whole planet seeks a way to calm down? The proliferation of all of this electromagnetic radiation, especially microwave, in combination are causing an electrical malfunction of the human brain/consciousness relationship...period.